How to create an easily rebalanced index without impermanent loss while generating yield from the composite pool token.

Problem statement

The PowerPool team has been building indices on top of Balancer since October 2020. To date, we released five mainnet products, including AMM-based indices and a stable-yield structured investment product (Yearn Lazy Ape). All these products were launched on top of a Balancer V1 fork with innovative modifications from our side. These include the ability to use the pool’s liquidity for staking and meta-governance, a dynamic weights model, and rebind strategies.

The introduction of Balancer V2 changes the landscape and allows building…

PowerPool launches BSCDEFI — providing yield-bearing, diversified exposure to Binance Smart Chain DeFi protocols

What is BSCDEFI?

BSCDEFI is a diversified basket of leading BSC DeFi protocol tokens that captures both their price action and, crucially, their staking rewards. It contains yield-bearing governance tokens for most major BSC DeFi protocols — CAKE, XVS, MDX, EPS, etc.

BSCDEFI enables to effortlessly capture the BSC DeFi ecosystem growth and staking rewards using a single asset.

BSCDEFI composition (the tokens included and their weights/shares) will be maintained relevant in the future through active management by the PowerPool DAO. …

CVP token holders can stake their tokens, participate in governance, and earn protocol fees

After a few months of work and waiting for audits, xCVP is finally live! PowerPool protocol fees used to sit in the treasury and basically do nothing. Now, CVP holders can stake their tokens and receive revenue from the entire line of Power Universe products.

What is xCVP?

xCVP is a set of smart contracts implementing strategies for converting PowerPool treasury holdings into CVP for rewarding CVP stakers.

Stake your CVP and earn protocol fees:

xCVP automatically exchanges PowerPool treasury holdings to CVP, and adds this CVP to…

In this article we share the brand new PowerPool strategy and positioning in the market

TL;DR Executive Summary

PowerPool announces a serious update to its vision, products, and strategy. The new vision was proposed by Gordon Gekko with the following contributions from Vasily Sumanov and the core PowerPool team.

Within the framework of the new vision, it is proposed to shift PowerPool protocol concept from “portfolios provider” to a DAO manager of family of thematically structured investment products offering actively-managed, broadly-diversified, rewards-rich, gas-efficient, multi-chain tokens easily blended and hedged by average investors. …

The strategy for maximizing yield by periodically reallocation funds between Vaults is deployed for YLA

Yearn Lazy Ape is an example of the Fund of Funds strategy. It is a Balancer pool composed of a set (a basket) of Yearn Vaults LP tokens. Yearn Vaults, in their turn, are based on Curve stablecoins pools. Users holding YLA are receiving all yield generated by Vaults from its composition.

Yearn Lazy Ape is known as the product that diversifies yield from several Yearn Vaults and saves users’ gas costs.

Now diversification is enchanced by yield maximization strategy.

Why does YLA need a yield maximization strategy?

The profitability of Vaults is…

This article is devoted to BSC product composition updates in line with new vision

Some time ago the PowerPool community approved a proposal for launching two structured investment products for the BSC ecosystem. Development of the BSC product has been somewhat delayed by the following practical considerations:

  • Technical integration of CVP into the BSC official bridge took longer than expected;
  • Our marketmakers required that the initial shortlist be only tokens listed on Binance;
  • It became clear that two different BSC pools would fragment liquidity too much;
  • The product will be more composable/hedgeable if agreed with partners;
  • The up-coming comprehensive new…

This article is devoted to PowerPool recent developments, results, and future plans for 2021


After the first five months of 2021, we want to take a moment to summarize and reflect on a number of the achievements that we’ve had thus far. As always, we have been heads-down focused on developing new tech: Dynamic AMM (DAMM), ZAP, research and simulations, PowerOracle v2, and underlying assets staking, to name a few. We also released two structured investment products — $ASSY and $YLA during this time.

Along the way, we continued to establish and nurture lasting relationships and integrations with great partners…

PowerPool shares a dynamic weights AMM concept and its implementation on top of Balancer V2.

PowerPool is excited to be a launch partner of Balancer V2 in building structured investment products and ETFs on top of Balancer Protocol. Balancer V2 architecture allows our team to build a gas-efficient and elegant implementation which will allow all participants of the Balancer ecosystem to use new strategies for pool operation and asset management.

In late 2020, we developed Smart ETF pools on top of Balancer V1. Our goal was to develop an efficient tech solution for structured investment products and ETFs operating on…

The long-awaited feature for the ASSY pool is finally audited and prepared for deployment

ASSY is the first Dynamic AMM pool that will use tokens in external protocols for receiving an additional yield on pooled capital. It will provide additional income for LPs.

The first token from ASSY (AAVE SUSHI SNX YFI) that will be used for staking is Sushi. It will be staked into xSushi, and all mined Sushi tokens will be added to the ASSY pool, benefiting LPs.

How does it work: Wrapper + Router architecture

The principal scheme of the Dynamic AMM pool which can use assets for yield-generation in external protocols is presented below:

DISCLAIMER: PowerPool Creativity Contest is initiated and launched by the Management Board and not by the PowerPool core team. PowerPool Core team will be an equal decision-maker, not the leading one. Please contact DrGonzo#7385 via Discord or use Forum for any questions regarding the contest.

Over the last few months the PowerPool team has been diligently focused on developing and delivering groundbreaking tech at a record pace. Having had an opportunity to come up for air recently, we now understand that this may have come at the expense of marketing, communications, and building a community around our work. …


A solution for accumulating governance power in Ethereum based protocols

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